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Little Plastic Men is dedicated to the table top football game Subbuteo. The site aims to focus on the popular 'heavyweight' Subbuteo period of the late 1960's to 1979 and hopefully you will find something of interest and even give you a little flashback or two while you read the gallery pages. As well as the popular light hearted Gallery of vintage Subbuteo items, there is also the Team Reference Charts which are photos of the Subbuteo heavyweight football teams up to reference 200, a Literature section with scans of old Subbuteo paperwork and also dedicated pages on the Football Express range, box types and the figures that have been produced over the years.

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Although there is a thanks page, I have to add here that I really do appreciate all the help from the visitors to the site with their input of photos for the team reference section...this area of the site has now grown beyond all my expectations and a photo (plus variations) is available for all h/w team references up to 200

Please note that no vintage Subbuteo is bought by this site for re-sale and no valuations can be given by e-mail.






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